RMR OP-1 Pack: Volume 1

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RMR OP-1 Pack: Volume 1

Red Means Recording
61 ratings

A giant collection of presets for the Teenage Engineering OP-1 digital synthesizer workstation. So giant it won't all fit on the OP-1 at once! (If you get an error saying "failed to create preset", it's because you have too many on there!)

These presets come from the personal collection of Red Means Recording and have been used in the creation of the songs on his channel, as well as multiple albums. 

For an exhaustive example of these presets, check out this playlist of OP-1 creation videos to hear the sounds in actions: https://goo.gl/ueiIO2

This song was created using exclusively presets from this pack: https://youtu.be/0z7_A_8il_g

In this pack you will find:

24 drum kits

14 pitched drum kit instruments

124 synthesizer engine presets organized by:

bass, fx, keys, leads, pads, and synths

34 sampler engine presets organized by:

bass, keys, leads, pads, pocket operator sounds, samples, and synths

Detailed instructions on how to load the presets are included. This product is only compatible with the Teenage Engineering OP-1 synthesizer.

If you own an OP-1 and want a massive amount of new stuff to play with, this is the pack for you.

I want this!

Drum kits, pitched drum kits, synth patches, sampler patches

32.3 MB


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